Finding The Perfect Nursery Area Rug

Finding The Perfect Nursery Area Rug

Decorating a nursery can be equally daunting and exciting. Every detail has to be planned, but at the same time, it has to be simple, quiet, and functional.

You might have area rugs in other areas of your home, so you might be wondering if you should add a rug to your new nursery, as well.

To put it simply, yes, you do need a rug in your nursery. It will make the space more comfortable for you and your child; from absorbing sounds to providing a soft, warm surface for you to walk and your baby to crawl on as she gets older. It can also bring harmony and a dash of color to the room.

But now you’re probably wondering how to choose an appropriate rug for your baby’s room. Finding a baby-proof rug is easier than you think if you follow these simple tips.

Go Natural

Another option would be to put a carpet down, but rugs have a few benefits that carpets don’t. For example, rugs are easier to clean and replace if needed, and they can be made out of natural fibers free of harmful chemicals. If the room is already carpeted, a rug is an excellent way to keep your baby safe from chemicals and possible allergens in carpets.

Flat cotton rugs are the easiest to clean while offering a soft, comfortable surface. Another good option for softness, durability, and safety are rugs made with wool and sisal.

Mind The Density

Another aspect to keep in mind when shopping for your kid’s room rug is its density. A tightly-woven rug endures everyday wear better, and it’s easier to clean. Dense rugs are often heavier and harder to bend.

Handmade or Machine Made?

While handmade rugs are usually more expensive than machine-made rugs, the high price by itself doesn’t guarantee you’re getting a much better rug. Nowadays it’s possible to find quality machine made rugs with beautiful designs for a much lower price.

If you’re not worried about your budget and would like to keep using your rug if you ever re-purpose the room, a handmade rug would be a better choice because they tend to last longer. But if you must stick to a lower budget or aren’t planning to leave your rug to your child, a machine-made rug is a viable alternative.

Decorative or Functional?

Adding an extra layer of functionality to your room is possible by just buying playroom rugs. They come in a broad variety of colors and designs, from hopscotch to maps. These rugs may help keep your toddler or older child entertained for hours without having to buy extra toys.

A nursery area rug is a great addition to such a special place. When choosing a nursery rug, other elements take precedence over the design. Colors, patterns, and textures are still important, but finding a safe rug made with the right type of fibers becomes a priority. In this case, the difference between handmade and machine-made rugs fade. When both offer similar quality and diversity of beautiful designs, it’s only a matter of budget and how you plan to use the rugs after several years.

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